Tilipalvelu ECONOMICO OyECONOMICO Oy Accounting Services is a modern and service-oriented accounting firm in Kaarina, Finland.

I would like to take advantage of electronic finance management systems and the same time benefits of real-time accounting information. I work in the same finance management system with my customer, so once the data is entered it can be used for the benefit of the accounting and financial statements.

My strong language skills also allow serving customers within export and import activities as well as with companies having foreign project. So in addition to Finnish language I am able to serve you fluently also in English and German. With economic matters I will get along also with French and Spanish languages. Before starting my entrepreneur career I have worked a long time in international companies in different financial management positions as well as in accounting firms.

Do you want to focus on making your own business? Let a professional take care of your finance matters in a professional way, the whole process from purchase invoice handling up to financial statements and tax declarations.

My office is located along easy transport connections in Kaarina center, at the address of Hovirinnantie 5, 20780 Kaarina.